Confession Time: I Didn’t Like Frozen



You were wondering who that one person in the whole world is who didn’t like it, and I’m right here.

I didn’t want it to be this way, but it is and now we all just have to deal with it. I’m going to lay out the reasons I just could not love this movie, so that maybe I’ll stop getting shocked and hateful stares every time I share the news. ***SPOILER WARNING***: I will be discussing many aspects of the plot and characters, so I’ll probably give away everything about the movie. I waited until now to write this so that anyone who was dying to see it will have probably already seen it, and anyone who hasn’t probably just doesn’t care that much about spoilers.

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The Library Diary: How to Do Research at LBJ Presidential Library


It has come to my attention that many college students do not know how to do research at a real, actual, brick-and-mortar library, and many graduate without ever learning how to do this incredibly simple thing. The rest of us are usually forced into going to a library when a class requires it, because if the decision were up to us then we wouldn’t use a source that can’t be found on JSTOR.

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