Confession Time: I Didn’t Like Frozen



You were wondering who that one person in the whole world is who didn’t like it, and I’m right here.

I didn’t want it to be this way, but it is and now we all just have to deal with it. I’m going to lay out the reasons I just could not love this movie, so that maybe I’ll stop getting shocked and hateful stares every time I share the news. ***SPOILER WARNING***: I will be discussing many aspects of the plot and characters, so I’ll probably give away everything about the movie. I waited until now to write this so that anyone who was dying to see it will have probably already seen it, and anyone who hasn’t probably just doesn’t care that much about spoilers.


So, let’s just go ahead and talk about the most controversial issue I’m going to raise in this entire post: the music. I hated it. The soundtrack for this movie is wildly popular, and at one point it was even the number 1 album on iTunes (number 2 was Beyonce’s surprise ninja album, so that’s pretty amazing). 

I just did not like the music. To be fair, I require a lot out of soundtracks to earn more than an “ok” rating. I consider the soundtrack to be bland if I can’t remember any part of it after having just watched a movie (in other words- it is forgettable) or if I notice the soundtrack ALL THE TIME because it is obnoxiously protruding from the cinematic experience. With that said, I do understand that some Disney songs are supposed to be noticeable (especially in the musicals) because they serve as vehicles to move the plot forward. But with Frozen, not only did I notice every song, I noticed that every song annoyed me. Some songs would have been merely mediocre (and forgettable) had they not indulged in some inescapable and irritating quirks). 

Of course, I didn’t hate every song. The movie would have been unbearable had that been the case. Most were simply mediocre. The immediate hit “Let It Go” has unimaginative lyrics, bland music, and is only saved in my memory by the absolute powerhouse vocals of Idina Menzel. Honestly, I kind of like that song, but I recognize that this is only so because Menzel has the kind of voice that one cannot forget. She could sing “The Morning Report” and save it from its rightful place on the cutting room floor. Josh Gad’s “In Summer” is great example of a comedic song with clever lyrics; I would even put it in the same grouping as “Hakuna Matata,” though of course in a very inferior position.

Most songs had good potential but were tainted by stylistic choices that I did not like. “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” is a great concept but lacks the emotional punch it should probably have had. “For the First Time in Forever” is terrible: horrible lyrics, weird arrangements, and I swear to the God of Soundtracks (Phil Collins), I have heard the same melody or refrain or something in another Disney song and so this song feels like a not-quite-as-good version of something else that I can’t quite remember. Not a good place to be. “Love is an Open Door” is actually okay, nothing too annoying except the bland as grits accompanying music. “Fixer Upper” is annoying. Do not sing it at me unless you are trying to put yourself in great peril.

Another aspect of the movie that irked me is the film’s bad habit of leaving plot threads loose, and I mean SUPER LOOSE. I understand that Disney has some constraints with film-making, and so might be unable to design a complete and coherent world in one children’s movie, but the threads left to wither and die in this movie are especially noticeable because they appear at introduction to be important elements to the story. I was waiting to hear the background of specific parts of this movie, and I’m still waiting.

First: how did Elsa get her powers? We are told exactly this about them, 

“Born, or cursed?”


Okay, well then that means they are genetic. Which means that either one or both of her parents also has powers (unlikely, given their my-child-is-a-freak-of-nature-omg-lock-her-up reaction), or someone else in the family tree has a gift. Normally I don’t quibble about the origins of magical powers in Disney animated movies, it’s usually just something you have to accept. But Elsa’s powers are part of her identity in this movie, indeed she never seems to think of herself in any terms other than her powers, and they trigger the plot of the entire movie, AND they feature in the resolution of the conflict. So I really think that neglecting to adequately explain the origin of these powers is a noticeable mistake.

Also: the trolls. Just what. Are they supposed to be exiled from the kingdom? Why? I have absolutely zero problems with random characters appearing in the middle of the movie as long as they actually advance the movie. The trolls seemingly exist just to sing a song (which is a terrible song– let me just repeat that again) and when the entire theme of the song is rejected (Kristoff reveals that Anna is engaged to Hans) they immediately quit their shenanigans and we never hear from them again. I can only assume that they exist to be Kristoff’s adoptive family and that a heartwarming and  explanatory scene was cut from the movie regarding how this came to be. Speaking of which……

There are some problems with the development of Kristoff’s character in that there doesn’t seem to be any character development. His origin story as an orphan or exile or whatever is the first problem: it is not really specific about why he lives with the trolls. Didn’t any of the ice farmers have enough of a heart to adopt an abandoned boy who would otherwise be forced to live in the wilds of Scandinavia? Once again, this lack of explanation is an issue because it is central to Kristoff’s identity and is how he thinks about himself. The perpetual loner, Kristoff and Anna connect because they are two people who experience little human interaction, and who are unwillingly separated from their families. Even if I were able to accept his origin story as “mysterious” and “unknowable,” I would still feel that his character is a little flat. Sure, he’s funny, and I love that, and he is great with animals, and I love that, but most of his scenes in the movie go like this:

Ana does/says something weird/awkward/dumb/magical.

Kristoff makes a snide remark/looks at her in wonder. 

He has no other personality indicators. It is possible to write a movie with two awesome female leads who are complex and unstereotyped characters without making their male cohorts flat. There is no scale, where in order to make females into realistic people on screen, you must make males less like realistic people.

And now on to things I liked about the movie:

The animation: Holy Hell, it was great. I have made speculative jokes along the lines of, “Well, it looks like they took the budget for storyline development and soundtrack production and gave it to the animation department” and I kind hope it’s true because it would at least offer an explanation for the issues with this movie. Highlights include Elsa’s ice dress and palace, as well as the shots devoted to the spread of eternal winter in the kingdom. 

The ending: I really, really liked this ending, and it is part of why I feel overall good about this movie. Yeah, you read that right: I feel good about this movie even though I don’t particularly like it. The fact is, young boys and girls are not going to be able to think about the movie in the ways I have just discussed it, but they are definitely going to be able to understand and internalize the movie’s ending. The revelation of Hans the Total Stranger as the “secret villain” and “betrayer of trust” is a refreshing change, as were Kristoff’s remarks early on in the film (“You’re engaged to a man you just met? Have you even shared a meal with him? But you don’t even know all of his disgusting habits. etc). The use of familial and sisterly love as a means to break a curse is a novelty that I wish were not a novelty. And the ending kiss between Ana and Kristoff is, I believe, a “dating kiss.” In other words, it’s not an “engagement kiss.” The difference between these types of kisses is that Ana can both save her sister and kingdom with her love via self-sacrifice and not have to give up her love life to do it (in other words, she can wear the cape of the hero and not give up her womanity to do it). This is a great ending. If only the parents had lived to see it, but, alas, they had to go on a Mediterranean cruise.

Sigh. I know that this opinion is certainly not popular, but I needed to spell out my reasons clearly because I’m tired of getting a scandalized look from everyone when it comes up that I did not like the movie. You know that look. What upsets me most about this movie is that it could have, should have been a great movie. Frozen is not an example of a project doomed from the start– in fact, it seems to me to be a project that started out pretty awesome and was cut up and reassembled so much during the production that the finished product resembles its old self very little. And that’s a shame.



If you would like to submit a rebuttal arguing for the greatness of Frozen, and how absolutely wrong I am to even utter one breath against this miraculous work of art’s complete beatitude, you may certainly do so and I encourage it. You can e-mail me at or simply leave a comment. Anonymous is always an option. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. The cold never bothered me anyway.



48 thoughts on “Confession Time: I Didn’t Like Frozen

  1. I just watched Frozen and I searched to see if anyone else felt the way I did, and it sounds like you do! You’re not alone! PS- “First Time in Forever” sounded so familiar to me as well, and I think I’ve finally hit upon why: to me, it sounds too much like “Now I See the Light” from Tangled!

      • I too surched if I was the only one who doesn’t like Frozen. You pretty much summed it up. The visuals saved it from being a complete flop. The storyline was weak, characters were weak, the ending was a big BOOM coming out of a weak spark.

        I was schocked to see it did better than Tangled.

        (pardon my English I am no native)

    • Yes! Frozen was alright but I wouldn’t say I really liked it. And “For The First Time in Forever” did sound familiar to me to so I started singing along with the characters but I didn’t know the lyrics so I just sang the first song that came to me and I blurted out “and at last I see the light.”

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS. Especially post-Oscar there has been so much buzz. I work with teenage girls and they are obsessed with it. I really love Disney movies and was disappointed about my reaction to this film. Pretty much all you said is how I feel, I liked the message at the end, but most other things in the film were annoying and made no sense. I can’t believe Let it Go won the Oscar, I’ve listened to it more than once and still, no. Thanks again for sharing this.

  3. (Sorry for the duplicate post – please accept this one as the first one was full of autocorrect typos!)

    This is well written and I agree with everything except:

    1) Hans seemed suspicious from the beginning. Add on every time someone mentioned the whole “you can’t marry someone you just met” bit to the troll song, and you get the impression that Disney wasn’t trying very hard to keep this hidden. In fact, for 50 minutes I felt like I was being dragged through the world’s thinnest plot twist. It was brutal and boring.

    2) The ending was a HUGE cop out and, given how grandiose this movie was supposed to be, a monumental let down. “Love” melts the ice? So all this time, Elsa was a hateful person? She didn’t love Anna when she struck her in the head or later on in the heart? I’m assuming she always loved her sister, which is why she went along with the confinement. So why didn’t her love cure Anna both those times? It wasn’t until the end when she just “thought about it” and all of a sudden the kingdom was thawed. What did she do/think at the end that was so different?

    I would also like to add that then character development overall was lacking, not just for Kristoff. Olaf was the only character I cared about. Anna was annoying and Elsa was wooden (Idina is a great singer, not so great voice actor). And yes, Kristoff was the most bland and useless main character in any Disney movie. Three years prior, Disney gave us arguably the best male counterpart in Flynn Rider. They must’ve run out of mojo.

    Lastly, they should’ve made Olaf melt in front of the fireplace as the “act of love” that saves Anna. That would’ve been unexpected and also a lot more moving since he was the most lovable character. After 15 minutes of the audience mourning, Elsa could always revive him at the end and we could all be happy. I couldn’t care less about Anna so it didn’t move me at all when she sacrificed herself. In fact, because I saw the plot twist from an hour away, it was rather predictable that the act of love would be her somehow saving her sister (more reason why they should’ve gone with the Olaf melting for a reverse twist-a-roo…)

    • You all are all stupid frozen is a great movie about family love and many more amazing things. Elsa loved he sister a lot so she didn’t want hurt her. So she never played with her. she was afraid. She for got what love was sort of and when they both played elsa was able to control her powers. She’s a loving young woman. I disagree with all of this the plot isn’t right elsa has no feelings and all that crap. This a wonderful movie and you know that I know everyone’s got their own opinion that’s why I am putting mine against this! I am absolutely obsessed with this wonderful animation film plus it’s for kids ages 1-16 even adults! I am defending all of the characters and actors in this film. I love elsa anna Olaf and all these character😊 but you guys are all heart less.

    • Regarding “love” being the key… I think that Elsa is able to control her powers through love and confidence. When she’s young, she is adored by her family even with her powers. In fact, her little sister is amazed by what she can do, so she is full of self esteem at this point. But when the accident happens, she looses that self esteem and becomes afraid of hurting others.
      During Let it go, because of the fact that she feels she can’t hurt anyone, she lets go and embraces who she is, as long as she feels she can’t hurt anyone. When Anna comes and tells her that she did indeed hurt others, she looses control again.
      And at the end, she realizes that all this time, she was able to control her powers when she was loved, by both herself and others. Thus why she says-

      “Of course! Love!” As if she knew all a long what was the key but she let herself forget because of her fear.

      Also, I have no doubt Elsa knew that Anna loved her. Just not HOW MUCH for her to jump in the way of a sword with her final breaths despite being apart for 13 years.

  4. I just finished watching this with my little girl on DVD (we didn’t go to the theaters) and I was COMPLETELY underwhelmed for all the same reasons you’ve mentioned in your post. I’d watched the “let it go” sing along on Good Morning America, and I hadn’t liked the song then, but I assumed it was just flat b/c the performance was live. But the song just grates on the ears even in the movie.

    Now…we also bought the large golden book of Frozen, and the book I LOVE. It’s the best golden book version of any of the disney movies and I like the way it paces through events much better. When my little girl asks to watch frozen, I’ll frequently be redirecting her to the book!

  5. Just wanted to add my agreement. I have always been a Disney fan. Still have all the words to all the songs of the Aladdin soundtrack memorized. I have three daughters and we went to see Frozen in the theater. It was just not a good story line. Totally could have been. But the plot holes, and just throwing information at the audience without any type of development was disappointing. I liked “love is an open door” but since Hans turned out to be a baddie, it’s tainted. The other songs were ok, but not really “singable” like opera, singing conversations , bleh. Anyway, we aren’t the only ones.

  6. Ditto! It lacked the magic that any movie does that depends too heavily on special effects. The story was thin from start to finish. I wanted the plot twist to be that Elsa and Kristoff paired off and Anna goes off to University.

  7. I’m so glad I’m not alone in disliking this movie! You talked about everything that I didn’t like!
    I posted on fb that I liked Tangled better, and got attacked by the Frozen lovers.
    I loved the animation though. It was absolutely GORGEOUS! The music was okay….it didn’t seem original. I was expecting Let It Go to be in a more powerful place. You know what I mean?? It didn’t really make me feel anything.
    Why why why the heck does Elsa have powers?! That hole in the story is driving me nuts!! And why is Kristofd a loner? Why does he think reindeer are better than people? What happened to him? I honestly thought there was going to be a back story.
    Oh and I agree with the previous comment about Elsa and Kristoff getting paired. I mean the guy loves ice. He was totally in awe from the ice castle.

    With all this being said, Tangled was a million miles better.

  8. Kelsey – I totally agree about Let It Go not being in a powerful place. Disney obviously tried to replicate Defying Gravity here but both the moment and the song itself were underwhelming. There wasn’t enough story/character development to make this a really powerful moment. It was simply just a world class singer with some Top 40 lyrics. Instead of being in awe, we’re left wondering how the heck we got here so fast.

    • Exactly! The movie moved so fast. I was shocked that they got to Elsa’s ice castle so quickly and she was able to “let it go so easily”. I was looking for more inner struggle for both her and Anna.

    • “Defying Gravity” and “Let It Go” were both sung by Idina Menzel, the original Elphaba. That’s why they sound similar, no? They also have similar themes, or empowerment and some sort of turning point. I admit it looks bad that Elsa was upset when she found out that the kingdom was frozen (get it?), but it’s normal from her point of view. Her character arc doesn’t end there, after all.

      • Yes, I’m aware that Menzel sang both songs. In fact, it’s the glaring similarities that make me dislike this movie so much. If you’ve seen Wicked, you’ll know that this movie copied the same elements: a woman born with a “curse” juxtaposed with a bubbly co-star, is treated differently than her sister since childhood, is branded a witch by her own people, retreats to a castle to live in solitude, angry mob comes after her, she sings an empowering song about freedom and shuts the world out..

        However, Wicked had better music, better character development, better story.. AND it eventually explains why the main character was born with her “curse” unlike Frozen. It seemed like the writers of Frozen we’re just told to wrap it up.

        I’ll throw in something else too. It’s strange that people, especially those who consider themselves “Disnerds”, give this movie credit for Disney finally poking fun at themselves for having Elsa say “you can’t marry someone you just met.” Um.. wasn’t that address in Enchanted already? (and btw, another movie Menzel was in.. so maybe she’s the one insisting on borrowing from her previous projects?)

  9. I figured something else out!

    So I hated “For the First Time in Forever” because it sounded so familiar and I couldn’t figure out from where exactly. But then I just re-watched Tangled (which btw is one of my favorites) and I noticed that Frozen totally ripped off the scene where Rapunzel escapes the tower. Not only the moment of being “finally free” but if you listen to “When Will My Life Begin (reprise)”, Rapunzel sings “..for like the first time ever, I’m completely free”. Anna’s song sounds almost exactly the same, as if it were literally built on that one line from Tangled.

    Frozen copies yet another musical but again, the song and the moment are not as powerful.

    Ok I think I’m done for now. This movie is ruining my life!!

  10. WONDERFUL. This is one of those reviews that said what I would’ve said, but said it better than I could’ve and saved me the trouble of writing it. Thank you.

  11. You are correct, in my opinion. The movie’s plot was bland, easy to figure out, and just… well, boring. It was pretty long and the journey to Elsa’s castle wasn’t as adventurous as I imagined it to be, set aside the part when Elsa creates the snow monster. The animation–I agree–FLAWLESS. Beautiful.
    Also, the music was also quite nostalgic (in the sense that the previous Disney movies’ music were so alike) and I if I ever meet the person who made up Anna’s final design, there going to get IT in the face. She looks more like Rapunzel (from tangled) than Elsa.
    All the girls in my school–the only thing they talk about and want to role-play at recess is Frozen. Our teachers put on “Let it Go” (hardcore vocals–only good part about the soundtrack) at lunch today as a treat (obviously not for me)
    and I told my friends, once again, how I didn’t appreciate the song. I asked them what they saw in the movie (as in what’s so great about it) and they attempted to annoy me with singing the song at a loud tone (which, obviously, failed).
    So, I thank you for posting this. Because everyone now gives me dirty looks, since they know that I think this movie is, absolutely, positively, TERRIBLE.

    HAD potential, HAD awesomeness, HAS none of those traits.

    Thanks again.


  12. P.S.: I saw the Oscars (at least the part where they awarded Best Film) and they won. TO DAGNABBED HAYO MIYAZAKI. I think the Academy was tired when they chose Frozen over From Up on Poppy Hill. Just bland and tasteless of them. THERE, I said it. Frozen-lovers, like it if you want to. But I will never, EVER see things in your point of view.

  13. I did really like this movie because of the sibling bond, and I agree with you except the music… It amuses my baby.

    There is one other thing I would like to disagree with you on: Kristoff was adopted by the trolls when he was spying on the royal family and the mama troll popped up and said “aw cuties! I’m gonna keep you!”

    He could have been so much better with at least a little bit of backstory!!

  14. Thank you for this catharsis! I really wanted to love this movie, but I simply couldn’t. Mediocre music, I can take, but I hated the lack of cultural identity with the music and characters. Mulan is a good example, even Pocahontas, of using culture in plot and music. Especially when we KNOW Frozen takes place in a Scandinavian country, if not Denmark itself.

    The ice harvest and all, Kristoff’s parentage (or why he was amongst the brawny men who didn’t seem to notice a tyke in dangerous conditions), his purpose in the story is not apparent– speaking of music earlier, I also think it was a disservice not to utilize J. Groff’s amazing vocals– Kristoff has zero chemistry or proper arc with Anna (and why did the fact that he witnessed the troll healing Anna long ago NOT make it into conversation with her?) If Frozen wanted to buck stereotypes, they should not have had Kristoff speculated as being in love with Anna– it was too easy to have them become a pair…and it would have been a better twist to have him meet Elsa and help save her somehow. Olaf had a better handle on emotions than any of the humans, for some reason, yet he doesn’t serve enough of a purpose other than as comic relief. It was way too easy to have Hans be the villain, and the plot twist comes from left field with zero development. The duke guy who wanted to have Elsa locked up should have been the main villain, or at least should have persuaded Hans to turn on Anna, but with a regretful look. Hans’ villain turn makes Love Is An Open Door meaningless and sad. . . and I really wish there had been a classic villain song.

    The main problem for me is Elsa and Anna– Elsa is locked away but doesn’t seem to have anyone in the house assigned to her, nor does anyone else seem to know her secret– no kind maid, housekeeper, servant type. And NO ward for her after their parents’ die? No guardian for the kingdom? What kind of monarchy is this?! Elsa has freezing powers– shouldn’t her parents have sought for the source, the cure, or how to curb them? Is there no lore, legend, myth– an old hag, even the trolls, who knows anything useful? Just let her sit in an icebox and cry for years? And Anna– I had zero connection with her and didn’t get how her isolation gave her the bubbly, extroverted naivete, when Elsa had the opposite reaction to isolation. Anna always is so sure that Elsa is good and means well, but she has had no interactions with her for a decade to substantiate this. Neither sister really knows the other, yet it is sisterly love that apparently is the solution to the winter wonderland. How does Elsa suddenly figure out how to control her powers, etc.

    I know I over-think plots, but I always says it’s REALLY bad when all I do is think of myriad better options that a film should have taken. I found this to be the case with Brave, as well, yet that film doesn’t have as many plot holes and other things that irked me– I go into films wanting to love them, and it bugs me when professional filmmakers can’t figure out how to deliver a polished, well-crafted product.

    • Quote ” (and why did the fact that he witnessed the troll healing Anna long ago NOT make it into conversation with her?) ”

      Exactly! after watching this they raised him? why? Elsa sends an ice monster to kill Anna (remember at the end Elsa was devastated upon hearing about her sisters death), Elsa in the mean time is oblivious to pretty much everything what’s going on outside of her ice castle. Elsa’s character should have been more involved since she’s the cause of it all. Elsa shouldn’t been scared but bad, the capturing whas stupid along with the trolls singing (but great for a Broadway scene)wanted to see a good fight in the ice castle. An eppic attack on the city with more of Elsa’s ice anger and oh Elsa subsequently has the magic to bring spring. Kristoff should have been more masculine heroish, I liked Hans, he seemed to care, had a hard time disliking him out of the blue. Not to mention the bad parenting and the parents knew about the where abouts of the trolls(?) and…… know what I am going to stop because I want to rewrite the whole script.

      Tangled was all over the place, the moose was the horse, Kristoff was Flinn and Anna Tangled.

      No your not overthinking. I had no open questions with Tangled, every aspect was very well executed. Even in the world of the fairy tale things need to be logic in the same sense.

      (pardon my English I am not a native)

    • This honestly makes me a little sad. You’re allowed to dislike something all of the time. Yes, you are free to express your opinion and this is YOUR blog, but I’m sure that you dislike many other films as well. Why is this any different?

    • I could not of said it better! I was told to shut thfup on a Disney web site because I didn’t love Frozen. SAD! I love Tangled I was excited after the only thing I didn’t like was her hair was short and brown. I hated the lack of storytelling here. I agree how hard would of it been if the writers could of added more depth. I know they had a frozen special how they had to change Elsa but it was like they should f started over. The only part was the effects. I even bought the DVD thinking if I watched it one more time. It just irritated me.!

  15. I just watched this with my daughters and I wanted to like it, but it was just ok for me. I googled “Am I the only one who didn’t like Frozen” and landed here. You summed it up perfectly! Too many plot holes among other things. I am thinking now that the sole reason for all the Frozen love is Idina’s vocals on Let It Go. And I really didn’t even like Olaf all that much.

  16. Some Thoughts About Less Popular Disney Movies – The Undecided

  17. Did not like Frozen at all, the trailers were better than the whole movie. Stories much to confusing and unclear, trolls and heroes, princes turned bad or what ever. A not so good Disney movie, really lame songs and too much unexplained situations. Despicable Me 2 was much better
    Loosely based on Snow queen (which is a very touching fairy tale) but no real connection

  18. I’m not particularly fond of this ‘confession’. While you bring up valid reasons and I respect your opinion, I do not understand why people feel the need to separate themselves. Is it because Frozen became popular and people who didn’t like the film felt the need to ‘come out’? I wonder if other popular animated films such as The Lion King and Toy Story 3 had this much trouble.

    • This honestly makes me a little sad. You’re allowed to dislike something all of the time. Yes, you are free to express your opinion and this is YOUR blog, but I’m sure that you dislike many other films as well. Why is this any different?

  19. What I hated most was not so much the music itself, but the way they included the music in this movie. In most Disney movies, particularly during Disney’s Renaissance era, a song usually starts when an event is about to take place that will impact the story in some large way. In Frozen however, only two songs really conveyed events that took place throughout the entire movie. For the First Time in Forever did manage to express Anna’s feelings on finally being able to be able to interact with the world. It also showed Elsa’s struggle with her power. Let It Go also showed an event that impacted Elsa’s life.
    The other songs in the movie were just songs just to have songs. They didn’t convey any significant change of events throughout the story. Even High School Musical’s production team had sense enough to know that music should represent significant changes of events. And when productions don’t do that, it makes the music annoying and uninteresting.

    One of the problems with the music’s timing might also be because of the other problems with this movie: no actual plot. There really was no plot to this story. While the most interesting character in this movie was Elsa, Anna is the main character. Yet, what this story is really about is very unclear. One of the creators of Frozen (Watch Frozen Deleted Scene on Youtube) did mention that they wish they could have shown more sister interaction so that people could see the relationship they had before Elsa ran away. Honestly, I think that would have made the movie better.

    Then just as you said so many unnecessary characters with no development. This movie was a let down.

    • I don’t get what you mean by no plot. Isn’t it about an optimistic Princess who sets out on a journey to save her sister who’s icy powers trapped the kingdom in an eternal winter?

    • Also, Disney executives cut the production to be only about three years instead of four like most Disney films. So any issues in the story are not unbelievable.

  20. I didn’t really care for Frozen either. I watched it yesterday, after all the constant hype on Facebook, kids, and events based on kids in my neighborhood. I have 2 boys so they saw it before me, but it’s more girl themed what with the singing and all. Oddly enough the day prior I had been thinking how kids movies have been so good lately, I LOVED The Croods and Wreck It Ralph for instance.

    I started to cringe when they started singing, AGAIN, after what felt like 10 seconds of non-singing in the movie. I could probably still sing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from the Little Mermaid that I saw some 15 years ago too. I felt most of the songs were just bleh.

    I felt like I totally missed where the prince went bad. Maybe I have to watch it again? He’s super nice and Anna needs a kiss and PSYCH! Nah not kissing you Anna, I’m evil all of a sudden. /dealwithit. What?

    It was just bland. I told my husband what it was about and I basically said “girl has powers, people are scared, she runs away, sister saves her, everything is fine now. Oh and some super nice prince randomly goes evil near the end”.

    The only thing I thought it had going for it was the whole “dude you just met him!” about Anna/Prince by Kristof and Elsa, good common sense there.

  21. FINALLY! Somebody else who didn’t like it! I love people who actually have the guts to say what no man has said before! I to was searching for this because it’s just so over hyped. Well, let me say it differently. I didn’t like it nearly as much as other Disney movies. The plot was flumsy. And everyone says stuff about it like, “first Disney movie to say you can’t marry a man you just met!” Um, Enchanted??? “first Disney movie to show sisterly love!” um, Lilo and Stitch??? First Disney movie where you don’t need a man to save you!’ MULAN MULAN MULAN!!! I mean it’s just insulting. And ironically, Enchanted, Lilo and stitch, and Mulan are some of my favorites. I do like the characters though, but I’m probably the only person on planet earth to prefer Anna over Elsa (can’t stand Elsa) But my favorite Disney female is Mulan so it doesn’t bother me too much. All in all, thank you!

  22. I did a search, as well, to find out if anyone else was less than taken with this film. Nice to know there are still viewers out there who need a story, a plot, a logical progression of action and antics. What in the world is the fuss about this silly gap-filled movie? I dont’ get it. At. All.

    • Ha, ha, ha…no. You’re allowed to think that, but your comment comes off as degrading those who enjoyed the film. Just because you thought it was lacking, doesn’t mean it is to everyone. Heck, that’s how I feel about Tangled! (okay, maybe only Rapunzel’s character).

  23. I think the movie was ok, could have been better, but wasn’t the worst movie I’ve watched. I really didn’t like the troll song, seemed so disconnected. I could even forgive the lack of backstory, since most movies have to fit a time frame, and you ca only do so much.

    What I would have changed is Hans’ true love kiss – I would have let him kiss her, and discover that it didn’t work because although they had a lot in connom, it was not true love. I liked someone else’s idea of having Olaf melt, but Ana’s sacrifice worked. I personally thought that Ana woukd end up with Kristoff early on, but I wrongly predicted that Hans would end up with Elsa.

    That said, my 4 year old son is hooked and wants a Frozen birthday…another Disney fail? The majority of tne marketing is Ana and Elsa – Kristoff, Sven, and Hans were all major male characters, but finding party stuff with the guys is rrally impossible!

  24. Does anyone else feel like Elsa and Anna’s parents were kinda awful? I mean, they had a map that led them to some magic trolls, but they couldn’t find a way to help their daughter learn to control her powers? How could they not have known that bottling up her powers would someday end poorly. And why keep Elsa’s powers a secret from Anna? The parents isolate the poor girl from the outside world AND her own sister who loved her and would’ve been supportive (inadvertently messing up Anna’s life as well). If Anna and Elsa had been competent, then a ton of problems could have been avoided. Mother Gothel took better care of Rapunzel, and she’s the villain!

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